Top Crossfit Exercises to Build up Lean Muscles

Do you want a Crossfit exercise plan to build up some lean muscle? If so, you need to learn some important exercise to incorporate with your Crossfit workout to get effective outcomes.

You need to consistently overload the muscles with a stimulus that your body is not used to dealing with. Initially, you may experience small muscle tears in the tissue, but soon your body will adapt it to increase muscle size and density. Combine the Crossfit workout with the right diet plan; you can get the results you’re looking for.

Let’s take a quick look at the prominent Crossfit training exercises to build up lean muscles-

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are some of the must-do Crossfit exercises. This Crossfit exercise is excellent for working the core muscles, the shoulders, the squads and hamstrings. It is perfect for you if you want to develop a high degree of power and explosive force. Start your workout with kettlebell swings to gain optimal results.

One-Arm Kettlebell Clean

Next exercise to include in the Crossfit workout is the one-arm kettlebell clean. It is an ideal exercise because it works on the quads, hamstrings, the muscles running along the spinal column along with the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Perform an equal number of reps on both sides to ensure muscular balance.

Renegade Row

Crossfit training programs target the core and the back muscles to help you get the complete fitness. Add Renegade row to your workout since you’ll have to sustain a high amount of balance as you practice with the single arm at a time. Make it certain that you perform the Crossfit exercise on both sides and achieve great muscle building results.

Kettlebell Squat to Press

The last exercise to build up lean muscles is the kettlebell squat to press. This Crossfit exercise works on the glutes, hamstrings, quads and shoulders. Kettlebell squat to press is more intense in nature, and you need to add it to your Crossfit workout towards the start for expected results.

Perform the exercises at Crossfit home gym in an adequate way to avoid any injury and product desired results. It is advised to learn the exercises first from a certified trainer and then, incorporate them to into your workout.

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